Is Romario Brown a Double Murderer

Double Murderer: Romario Brown, the man accused of murdering…

St. Andrew (Mckoy’s News)-Double Murderer: Romario Brown, the man accused of murdering popular fashion designer Dexter Pottinger was before the court in connection with the killing of a woman in April last year and a minor offence in August this year.

The makeup and tattoo artist of Rocky Valley, Stony Hill was previously charged with the murder of Alexia Bepatt, local media sources reported.

Interestingly, Pottinger had bailed Brown on the murder charge of Bepatt after Brown was accused of strangling Bepatt at her home in Mona, St Andrew following a heated argument.

It was reported that the woman, who was found partially naked and unconscious, was later rushed to hospital, where she was pronounced dead. Brown then fled the scene but was later arrested after investigators went through a security camera footage. Phone records had shown that he was the last person to have spoken to her. Brown also reportedly stole the woman’s male friend’s laptop from her home, but the items were later recovered from his place of residence.

Last Thursday, Pottinger’s body was found in a decomposing state, when a concerned relative accompanied by a friend, went to visit him after being unable to make contact with him. Initial investigations proved that Pottinger received several stab wounds to the back.

Police later found Pottinger’s 2017 Honda CR-V abandoned in Stony Hill, while his television set and the murder weapon was allegedly found at the house of the accused man.

Is Romario Brown a Double Murderer: Romario Brown was officially charged with Pottinger’s murder on Tuesday and is to appear before the St. Andrew Parish Court later this month.

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