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Dominican Republic settles US$3M Lawsuit with Tommy Lee Sparta


Montego Bay, St. James (Mckoy’s News) –  Leroy Russell, affectionately known “Junior,” by his family, and now better known by his stage names Tommy Lee and Tommy Lee Sparta, has come a long way since his days in “Sprata” an unofficial place, in his hometown of Flankers, Montego Bay.

In his Mobay accent, Sparta told World Magazine Jamaica host, Mutabaruka that he has lived in Kingston, as an artist for over six (6) years. However, it would appear that just when it seems like the past Anchovy High School student, and controversial Dance Hall character  “Uncle Demon,”  (who does not dispute allegations that he is wanted by the St. James police for questioning, in connection with incidents in Flankers), can’t get a break from the law, he does get one…and a big “payday” one too.

The Deejay who has now moved passed his alleged charge for a “Lotto scam,” after the police sited discovery of Lottery scam paraphernalia found at his home in February 2014, is said to be getting paid back for the discrimination he may have faced during the same year from the government of the Dominican Republic.

In February of 2014, Tommy Lee, flew to the Dominican Republic in a private jet with his entourage, including his then manager “Heavy D,” for a concert he was to perform at. He was barred from entering the country and detained by that island’s police officials.

Leroy (Tommy Lee Sparta) Russell’s attorneys have reached a settlement in the US$3 million lawsuits filed against the government of the Dominican Republic, citing inhumane treatment, where Russell was made to sleep overnight on a cold concrete floor inside a cell.

Tommy Lee’s attorney, Bert Samuels confirmed that Dominican authorities have conceded liability, and settled for violation of Russell’s civil rights during their actions to bar him from entering the country. Under the revised Treaty of Chaguaramas, which governs CARICOM member states, there was no bar against Russell travelling between the islands. The treaty has the provision that member states should commit themselves to the goal of free movement of their nationals within the community.


Sparta kicked off the year with a slew of new singles aimed at Deejay artist Alkaline.

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