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Police and Gunmen Clash in Failed Denham Town Station Attack

Kingston, Jamaica (McKoy’s News) – Denham Town Station Attack: An ongoing conflict between members of the Young Generation gang in Tivoli Gardens and another gang in Denham Town seems to have been responsible for the shooting rampage in West Kingston early yesterday.

Police sources say that about 12:30 am, the gunmen attempted to launch an attack on gangsters in the neighbouring community in the vicinity of the May Pen Cemetery and Spanish Town Road.

However, the gunmen came upon the police and a 30-minute shoot-out ensued.

The gunmen, with high-powered weapons, who the police believe are members of the Young Generation gang, sprayed the Denham Town Police Station with bullets after the cops thwarted their plans to attack rival gangsters in the community

The police reacted in defense of the station and   their  lives and the lives of those who would be their target, and so a major shoot-out occurred

Police sources were quick to point out that the police were mindful of the safety of residents and maintained a professional stance.  No one was injured in the shoot-out but one of the police station’s windows was shattered.

The police say they will continue to pursue the gang members and maintain a presence in communities where there are armed gang conflicts.

Both the Jamaica Constabulary Force and Jamaica Defence Force have strategically placed their members at hotspots within the communities, acting as buffers between rival gangs.

Indecom is probing the incident.

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CEO Ultimatexperience Radio

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