Demarco Wants No Smoke With “Trouble Maker” Masicka, Suggests He Diss Vybz Kartel Instead

Dancehall artiste Demarco is now clearing the air following his clap-back to Masicka’s taunts by sharing how their beef really got started.

During an Instagram Live yesterday, May 27, he vehemently railed against the Top Form singer and made several claims, including that it was Masicka who was responsible for him getting arrested following their Sting 2014 blowup, and that Masicka has been spreading rumors about Demarco’s regard for the incarcerated Worl’ Boss Vybz Kartel.

The allegations come two days after Masicka reignited the old feud between the two from over six years ago. Demarco had a classy response to the call out and used his Spotify numbers to confirm that he is still a well-established artiste who was only focusing on his music.

Masicka seemed to move on from the tiff but posted yesterday that he was working on “new music. good music that is”, which could be interrupted as his opinion of Demarco’s Spotify numbers.

The ticked off Fallen Soldiers singer returned to Instagram to give his side of the story.

“All yuh did know say Masicka make me get lock up? Police come for me after blowout Sting. Ah me in the police station, while he affi sleep in ah him house cuz dem a lie pon me and ah say me fire shot ah sting and mash up sting,” Demarco said.

He then explained the ordeal and the fact that he spent the entire day in police custody moving to different parishes as they swabbed his hands for gun powder residue.

He added that he believes Masicka is a trouble maker and urged him to focus on his career because he’s not a bad artiste. He called on him to “stop diss artiste.”

Demarco then detailed the events of the show, saying that after he gave a fantastic performance, Masicka wanted to clash with him on stage, but his crew would not allow the artiste to come on. Eventually, Masicka got to the stage to perform his set, and Demarco said that every song he belted out had his name in it.

Demarco went on to explain that after his performance, he was interviewed by Winford Williams, and he recalled that he was very emotional, having lost his mother two weeks before the show. He added that even when Williams was interviewing Masicka he wouldn’t stop calling his name. This enraged him, so he approached Masicka and asked: “Whey yuh ah call up meh name for my youth?”

A heated Demarco said Masicka’s response was: “yuh nah think me wah rich like unno too?” The situation calmed down, but then someone from Masicka’s crew shouted a threat, and the two crews clashed, but Demarco said he was whisked away to a car with his girlfriend, and they left the scene, which means he wasn’t even there when shots were fired.

He would later hear the story about the fight from Tommy Lee Sparta at home. He then made a plea: “Massy leave me alone.” He once again urged him to focus on his career. He then becomes passionate and used expletives as he warned Masicka to stay in his lane.

Demarco said that Masicka, having been endorsed by Vybz Kartel, should learn how to be loyal.

“The man guh so bam and switch up. True because Kartel start link with 6ix and do song with them. Like so what bro. It’s music yo. Music deh ya fi share, it’s a pie it share with everbody. So what happen fi him do song with them yute ova ya so and them yute ova ya so”, Demarco said.

He also said he had no beef with the Worl’ Boss because he had helped his career and that Masicka was also spreading rumors about that as well.

He dared Masicka that if he were truly a warrior, he would try to diss Vybz Kartel.

Demarco continued to say that dancehall was supposed to be shared, and there was no need for this type of antagonizing and side picking. He mentioned two songs he did with Kartel, Google, and Miracle, to show that he respected Kartel and was happy to work with him.

The Backaz singer also wondered why Masicka would have a problem with his latest song, Homage, as he respects and was greatly influenced by both Beenie Man and Bounty Killer. He added that he did the song with “no ego” and only wanted to show his appreciation.

It seems inevitable that one of the two deejays will put out a diss track as the tensions are bubbling over, but from Demarco’s take on events, he may not be the one to initiate it. It’s doubtful he would even respond, as his focus seems to be on improving his already impressive career.


Source: Dancehallmag

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