Dear Mckoy: Wife in Love with the Stripper

Dear Mckoy: My husband and I are a very adventurous couple, we love to try new things for our marriage.  We oftentimes visit different strip clubs where we would pay the girls to dance for us.  Those things excite us sexually.

We went to this particular strip club in Kingston and the girls there were breathtaking.  I don’t know if it’s the lights or what but they look clean and flawless.  There was this particular girl on stage and she was so seductive that I got caught up in her trance.  My husband saw and asked if we should get her to dance for us privately and I told him definitely.  After her performance on stage, she went to clean up, and then we went to her and made our request.  She smiled and took us to a private area.  My husband told her to dance on me and she started sensually rubbing up on me.  The next thing I know she started caressing my breasts and I became very wet.  It was dark so no one could see what was really happening.  She then gently passed her hand against my throbbing wet front while licking my neck.  I was so excited that I asked her if she does hotel stops and she said yes.  We agreed on a price and we left for a hotel as we could not carry her to our home.

The time spent was amazing.  That was my first time with a woman;  I would fantasize about them but never get physical.  I never knew a woman could please another woman so good.  That girl used her tongue to soothe every part of my body.  Her tongue was literally looking like a lizard and it had so much power.  I did not return the favor because I am not that type of person.   My husband just sat watching us getting on then he moved her head and penetrated me.  He did not have any form of interaction with the stripper.

Following this encounter, I started fantasizing about this girl more and more.  I hid it from my husband and I secretly went back to the strip club just to find her.  I was fortunate and we hooked up again and then exchanged numbers.  We basically started getting together quite often and then I realized I liked spending time with her.  My body started reacting differently to my husband as the girl was performing way better than him.  I encouraged and helped the girl financially to get into University and stop stripping.

The big elephant is that I love this girl and I no longer want my husband.  He thinks I have another man but pity he doesn’t know it’s the stripper that captured my heart and took it from him.   I am contemplating divorcing him but I am afraid of breaking his heart.



Dear Miss: Your situation is very much real; often times we hear of people opening up their relationships to outsiders for sexual gratification which leads to problems.  Some of these adventures are like open doors to destroy your happy homes.  You need to open up to your husband and let him know the situation; it may be a case where you guys can get counseling and save the marriage.  I hope the same feelings you have for this lady is being reciprocated; it would be sad to destroy your marriage for something that will not work.  All the best in whatever decision you make.

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