Dear McKoy: Trying to be a Home-Wrecker

Trying to be a Home-Wrecker

Dear McKoy,

I was dating a guy who I found out was married with three kids after we had been seeing each other for 2 1/2 years. I was pissed but it did not matter to me, I just wanted to be with him and have his babies.

He decided to leave me and he told me to stay away from his family. Now I am out for blood. I want to make him pay.

I have been stalking his wife for weeks now and we have corresponded during our Zumba classes. She has recently invited me to her son’s birthday party and it is my intention to break the news to her at the party for the whole world to see.

Do you think I should wait until our next Zumba class? Or should I just go ahead and break the news at the kid’s birthday party?


Response by Shena Carty: Lol… the vengeful heart of a woman scorned. You need to find your self-respect and dignity. Doesn’t matter when you tell her. She will realize your pain and will be mad at him temporarily, but, they will work it out. Trying to wreck their life will only wreck yours.

The public will know that after you learned about his family you stayed hoping to break them up and you failed. Accept defeat and walk away.

You remind me of the women in the movies that get so overwhelmed with hatred and jealousy, they end up committing murder.

If you allow your thoughts to develop, that’s where your jealousy, envy, and hatred will take you. Just walk away.

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