Dear McKoy: Stripper by Night Businesswoman by Day

Dear McKoy,

I am a successful woman, I have everything any woman to would want. I have been married for 4 years and I am happy.

About a year ago my husband got caught up in some gambling debt and he was unable to pay back. They threatened to kill him and I was not going to have that even though he was wrong to endanger the family.

I took up stripping after work to be able to repay his debt. Within no time I was able to pay back his debt, he was grateful but I had started to enjoy stripping so I continued.

The problem is that he is upset that I am stripping for other men. What I want to know is if I should stop even though he is unfair? Do you believe I should continue doing what I enjoy? Do you think I am being selfish? Please do not sugar coat anything.

Response: If you enjoy it, keep doing it. He needs to take responsibility for his role in this situation. Don’t sacrifice your relationship for stripping though. Maybe do it less nights. Family is most important, but so are you on an individual level.

Shena Carty

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