Dear McKoy: Promiscuous Married Woman

Dear McKoy: Promiscuous Married Woman I am a married woman with a very dark secret. Ever since I was a little girl, I have been having intercourse and have grown to enjoy it very much. It all started off with my father’s friend who used to put me in his lap and fondle me when no one was around. The penetration started when I was nine years old. It was painful, but after a while it was ok. I have kept that secret up to this day, but after that, I find that I can’t control myself. The least chance I get to go with a guy I go for it. I try my best to control my urges but I can’t. I even had to leave my community because of people gossiping about all the men I sleep with.

I’m married about almost one year now and I still find myself having physical relationships with other men. My husband is not aware of my reputation, but I believe he will soon. I am worried about how he would react when he finds out, yet I cannot stop myself from going with multiple men. Is there something wrong with me?

A. Smith


Dear A. Smith,

After reading your letter, I realize something is driving you to your actions, however, you must understand that what you are doing is unhealthy for your marriage.

Ask yourself these questions: What if my husband was doing the same, how would I feel? Other than sexual gratification, what am I gaining from being promiscuous? Do I feel emotionally connected to any of the men I get involved with? Am I willing to change my lifestyle for myself and for my husband?

Carefully ponder these questions and if you still continue on this disastrous path, I would suggest you seek professional help. 

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