Dear McKoy: My Sister-in-Law Has a Crush on Me

Dear McKoy: I have been married for four years now, my wife and I have a beautiful two-year-old daughter. I love my wife very much and I don’t want to do anything to mess up our marriage. She has a younger sister who comes by and helps us to babysit during the weekdays when we are at work. I am beginning to get very uncomfortable around her because I think she is doing some things to get my attention. For example, when I am home during my day off, she would walk around in skimpy clothes and purposely sit carelessly so I can see her underwear. Sometimes she even rubs her bottom on me as she passes by. Honestly, these are some things I think I could overlook, but lately, she’s been texting me late at night and my wife demanded to know why my phone was going off so often that late. She hasn’t texted me anything personal but I know her intentions are not pure. I think she is pushing too hard. I am thinking about putting her in her place or telling my wife what’s going on, however, I do not want my wife to harbor any ill feelings towards her sister. What do you think is the best solution?




Dear K.S: From what I have read, your sister-in-law clearly has a crush on you. This girl has undoubtedly had sex with you countless times in her dreams.  The bible says to abstain from all appearance of evil. Therefore, limit your time with her as much as possible. Tell her you’re not happy with her flirty behavior and set her straight. If she doesn’t stop then you can inform your wife. It doesn’t make sense you are trying to protect your wife’s feelings and her sister is going out of her way to break up her marriage. I hope you resolve this issue as soon as possible. Good luck.


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