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Dear McKoy: My overseas side man wants me to live with him

Dear McKoy: My overseas side man wants me to live with him– I am 6 months pregnant for my boyfriend who I live with. The relationship is okay. We’ve had a couple fights which is normal but he doesn’t spoil me how I want to be. I don’t work right now because I’m taking my health into consideration with this virus so he’s the money maker in the home. Out of boredom I responded to a DM from this man and it turned out that he’s pretty cool. We began messaging everyday and overtime became closer to the point where he started sending me money to get what I want. I hide and get the money then tell the main man it’s from family or savings. Things have escalated with the side man to the point where he wants me to come live with him. He’s willing to marry me and everything so I can get my papers and he even said he’ll father my baby. I’m honestly thinking about it because things seem better with him. Help me decide. Thank you.

Dear C.F.,
Don’t you ever give away sure for unsure. The man abroad can say anything at all now just to get what he wants but then he can switch up or change his mind. Stay home with your man. As long as he’s not abusing you in anyway, you should be fine. Do not be greedy.
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Feeding Programme – Le Antonio’s Foundation

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