Dear Mckoy: I want a threesome with 2 men

Dear McKoy: I want my man to fist me

Dear McKoy: I want my man to fist me- I’ve always been a huge fan of sex and honestly pain gets me off. I like slapping, whipping, biting and all of that stuff but recently I’ve been trying to get my boyfriend to use his whole fist inside me and he’s saying no. I’m trying to keep this as PG as possible but I told him it’s just like using 2 or 3 fingers; only thing is you’d be using all 5 and the man cuss! I really feel like it’s the only thing missing from our sex life. He says I’m dangerous because he doesn’t know how a whole fist should be able to fit and I enjoy it, so I asked him how babies care able to fit during child birth. Don’t you think he should please me?
Dear B.W.,
It is your business to like what you like but do not force him to do anything he doesn’t want to. Imagine if he was pressuring you? Then you’d hear all sorts of bad things about how men stay. Please let it go.
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Feeding Programme – Le Antonio’s Foundation

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