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Dear Mckoy: Into The Devil’s Den

Dear Mckoy: My wife went up on a work programme and currently resides in England.  I am a successful businessman so I am in Jamaica running my business.  My wife and I would take turns visiting each other but sometimes the loneliness takes a toll on me.

I met this girl at a restaurant one day and we started chitchatting.  In the nights when I got lonely we would text each other.  We started off with friendly texting and then we went out for dinner.  She was such a calm person and had a sweet personality.   That night I invited her over to my home and she gave the best ride ever.  She explored my body in ways I have never imagined.   The morning I woke up to her in the kitchen making breakfast; not even my wife makes me breakfast in bed so early, that was a winning ticket in my book.  It was a weekend so she stayed over for the entire time; I was drained for work Monday to how she worked me out.

As time progressed we started seeing more of each other and established that it was a fling as I have my wife who I love and adore; she agreed.  She started spending more time at my home but she played her role very well.  I wanted her to have a ride comfortably so I purchased a car for her.  She was so excited and thankful. I genuinely had good intentions for her because she was a good company so I took great care of her.  I would ensure she was ok.

One time we were being intimate and she expressed that she loved me, now I thought it was only ‘sex talk’ so I just ignored it.  I realize that she would make little comments while I was talking to my wife.  One time I spoke on it and she said I should not talk to my wife around her.  That got me mad and I banned her from my home for like 2 weeks.  She apologized and beg to come back and I forgave her.  That night she had me eating her like crazy and had me saying her pussy was the best tasting ever and that was the first time I sexed her without condoms.  We were going ok until I overheard her telling her friend that I belong to her.  I cussed her out and told her we have to end it.  She said I will never be able to leave her.

She kept calling and leaving crazy messages for some time but I totally ignored her.  One day I got a video message from her and I was shocked to see that she recorded the night I was eating her out.  She started blackmailing me but that got me worse upset at her.  She said she would eventually find my wife and send her the video if I didn’t take her back.  I just ignored and blocked her.  She would use other numbers to call but I would block them also.  The girl became a stalker and would just pop up places I would go.  An employee of mine who is a close friend told me that she showed him a glimpse of the video.  I honestly felt like getting someone to destroy her but that’s not me so I couldn’t do it.  What takes the cake now is that she sent me an email with my wife’s contact information.  Now I am so stressed out because I picked up the devil’s daughter and I don’t want my wife to find out.

Stressed Man

Dear Stressed Man: I am sorry to hear about your ordeal.   You need to act now; get a restraining order on her and report her to the relevant authorities.  Ensure you come clean to your wife; let her know what happened before this lady gets to her.  I hope everything works out for you.

All the best sir.

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