Dear McKoy: I’m Getting a Divorce to be with My Husband’s Brother

Dear McKoy: I’ve decided to walk away from my marriage for my husband’s brother. We spent a lot of time sneaking around and fell in love with each other, and I thought it was only fair to be honest to my husband and myself and let him go. I’m moving into my new man’s place next week and hopefully, the official divorce papers will be finalized soon. I do feel bad because I love our son and he’s conflicted by all of this, but I couldn’t stay and remain miserable. My new man is more compatible with me and I’m certain this will probably last longer. Needless to say, my family is torn and my husband has been crying for a while, but for once, I have to choose my own happiness. Do you think I’m a bad person for this?

Dear X.C.: I can only applaud you for your brutal honesty. At least you didn’t waste anybody’s time. Please make sure that you stand on your decision no matter what because life has a funny way of giving you exactly what you dish out. Please ensure that above everything, your son is taken care of. He doesn’t deserve to nor should he be at the centre of this fiasco.
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