Dear McKoy: I Slept with Two Church Brothers, Now I’m Pregnant

Dear Mckoy: I am 19 years old living with my Christian parents who both attend Seventh Day Adventist church. I do not like the church my parents attend but I’m living under their roof and there are very strict rules living in my parent’s house. It’s either to attend church or leave.

Well, I have nowhere else to go so I can’t think of leaving. My big problem at the moment is I was secretly slipping out of my parent’s house at night to go and sleep with two of my church brothers every chance I got.

Now I am two months pregnant and not sure which of them could be the father. I told my parents that I am pregnant and they insist on knowing who the father is because they want to marry us, as they do not believe in having children out of wedlock.

None of the two men want children. One is married with a wife and a child, and the other said he’s not ready for children or a serious relationship.

I am going insane and not sure what to do.

Church Girl.

Dear Church Girl: Such an interesting story. Before I answer let me ask you this. As a church girl with such strict parents and church rules, weren’t you aware of the possibilities of becoming pregnant? 

Well based on your story, my advice is to try sitting with both your parents and tell them the truth. Upon giving birth you should request a DNA from both church brothers then I’m sure your parents will advise you from there.

All the best.

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