Dear McKoy: I Found out My Mother is My Grandmother

Dear McKoy,
I recently discovered my mother is actually my grandmother. My so-called sister gave birth to me at the age of 15. She was not raped; she was just a bad little girl who wanted to be a woman. She never treated me well; she was always hateful towards me growing up. I always wondered what I had ever done to her and now I know why she really hates me.

My mom (grandmother) died a month ago and I really miss her. She was the only family I had and now she’s gone. I want to know why she hates me so much. Do you think I should ask her? Do you think I am wrong for wanting answers? Let me know what you think!

-J.T., Kingston


Dear J.T,

It is only fair that you’ll need closure. The only person who truly loved you died and you found out she is not your mother. I think you should confront her about it. You deserve to know why you were treated the way you’ve been treated and why you grandmother pretended to be your mother.

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