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Dear Mckoy: Hate That I Love a User

Dear Mckoy: I have been dating this man ( well so I think) on and off.  This minute we are nice, the next minute we are not.  I live in Cayman while he lives in Jamaica.  He behaves so childish and the least little thing he gets very upset.

Every time we have a disagreement, he behaves terribly and even uses curse words at me.  I will block him for some time then I run back to him.  Whenever this happens, I have to use money to sweet him up.  Every time I say I am done with him, something draws me back to him.

The only time this man shows a little care is when I send him money; moreover it is never enough.  If I give him money today, he is sweet today then by the next day he starts acting up.  I work so hard in the days and when I get home I want to relax and talk to him but he is always tired and wants to sleep (mark you, he is not working).  If I speak on it, he says I should leave him alone and go find a man.  He reaches out to me whenever he is in need.

I came home to Jamaica in February and went to surprise him; instead of him being happy to see me, the man slammed his door in my face.  I sat outside for like almost an hour and he didn’t come out.  Me the idiot I am, left an envelope with 2000 CI on his verandah and left.  He texts me about an hour later saying thanks for the thing, I am saying not even a call.  I was in Jamaica for 2 weeks and I only saw him twice and the sex was rushed and awful.  I don’t want him but I don’t know how to leave him alone, he is draining me financially, mentally, and emotionally.



Dear Miss: It is clear that you know this man is only using you for your finances.  The first thing you have to do is love yourself enough to not allow this sort of negative energy in your life.  Clear your mind of this man; if it means you block him and change your phone number.  Clearly, he doesn’t want to work because he knows he has a source of free money.  Find exciting things to occupy your thoughts rather than this man, worse I have not seen you share anything positive about him.  Life is too short to be living unhappy my dear.  All the best.

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Listen my love nobody is perfect but one day karma going to come back at him and him ago realized what him do to u and wanted to come back but it’s gonna be too late as the writer said love your self…….self love is the best and if u don’t u will never love anyone

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