Dear Mckoy: Ghetto Girl with the Sweetest Whine

Dear Mckoy: When Beeni Man sang about ghetto girls having the wickedest slam, I never understand till I got entangled with this one.

I am a happily married man who went to a party with some of my male colleagues.  At the party they were quite a few skimpily dressed females gyrating.  I tried my best to ignore them, but I failed.   Those girls were to be compared to monkeys the way how they were agile.  They were dancing very provocatively and it was rather enticing.

This particular girl grabbed my attention because she was not gyrating like the others, but she had a seductive movement to her dancing that drew me.  When she saw me watching her, she came up to me and started slow whining on me.  It was like our bodies were working together.   I was rock hard and there was no turning back.  She asked where I parked and we went into my car.  My girl wasted no time taking it out and rubbing up.  She took out a pack of rubbers from her purse and I inspected it and covered myself.  The ride that girl gave me was unbelievable.  She had me hook right then and there.  She had my little car space feeling we were in a mansion the way how she maneuvered the space.  She must have been crowed the squinting queen because she was doing it naturally.  I had to remove myself numerous times to prevent me ending too soon.  When the time come for me to pop she took it all down her throat.

As I say before I am happily married, but I cannot leave my ghetto side girl.

Identity Withheld

Dear Sir: You are confused; you are not happily married.  If you were, one time would have been an error, however, keeping her as a sidechick suggests otherwise.  Hope that ghetto girl with the whine does not become your worst marital nightmare.

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