Dear McKoy: Church Deacon Promise to Leave his Wife for me

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Dear McKoy: Church Deacon Promise to Leave his Wife for me– I have been having sex with a deacon at my church. He’s already married and has been promising to leave his wife for me. It has been going on for two years now and I am still waiting. He keeps saying he hasn’t found the right time to do it. He also said he loves me very much and I need to be patient.

Do you think he will leave his wife? Am I dumb for thinking he will leave his wife for me?

  • Patient Woman


Dear Patient Woman,

I am not sure what you’re really expecting here. If after two years and you’re still waiting on him to leave his wife, it’s likely that he’s never going to leave his wife.

I honestly think you should be ashamed of yourself, Why would you want to break up a marriage? I’m sure there are alot of good men out there. Break off the relationship with this so called deacon immediately. Young lady go and find a man of your own. Good Luck


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