Dear Mckoy: Christian Cheating Wife

Dear McKoy: Christian Cheating Wife–  I got married at a young age to a church woman who was already with a child. The truth is my interest was in her sister at the time but since she was a devoted church woman I wanted to help protect her dignity so I married her to cover it up.

Over the years things went well, but after years of growing and learning to love her, she went outside our marriage and brought in two child. The first one I covered but the second and third child pushed me to the breaking point. I need your advice. Her last two kids know and recognize me as their dad but I can’t continue in this relationship anymore.  What should I do?

  • Faithful Husband

Dear Faithful Husband,

You have to be commended for the exceptional man you are. It’s not every day a man will marry a woman to protect her dignity. It’s really sad that you can be so nice to someone and they end up hurt you not once but twice. You signed up to father ship willingly knowing that the child isn’t your blood.

You are a great guy and we believe you deserve a great woman. You need to move on and find someone who deserves your love and affection.

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