Dear Mckoy: Caught My Boyfriend Of 4 Years Sending Sex Videos To My 17years Old Daughter

Dear Mckoy: Caught My Boyfriend Of 4 Years Sending Sex Videos To My 17years Old Daughter–  Six years ago I lost my children’s father to violence and was deeply affected by it emotionally and financially. I then met a man who appeared to be a lover and father figure to my children.
Yes, he cared for my children like they were his own blood.But the big disappointment hit me when I borrowed his phone to make some calls and saw a message came in from my 17-year-old daughter saying if he doesn’t stop sending her these videos she was going to alert me about it.

I was so frightened I started going through his messages to my daughter and saw where he was asking her for sex or he would stop paying her school fees and stop helping us with our expenses.

I kept as calm as possible and then called my daughter in his presence. I started asking all the questions to ensure he hasn’t already started molesting her. I then lost my cool and used a pot cover to chop him in his head and demanded that he leaves immediately.

Now his family Is upset saying I just wanted to use him for the help of taking care of my children and now I satisfy my daughter and I are lying on him. The evidence is all on my daughter’s phone.

Was I wrong for protecting my child from this monster?

Protective Mom.

Dear Protective MomI will briefly say you did what any good parents would have done to protect their children.  And that’s exactly what you did.  Ignore his family and their negative feed on your action.

What I do suggest though is that you take the matter to the police or try speaking with a police officer you feel comfortable enough to speak with on the matter just to ensure being on the right side encased any further altercations now that you have ended the relationship with him.

All the best.

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