Boyfriend Wants Me To Leave My Husband

Dear Mckoy: Boyfriend Wants Me To Leave My Husband– I have been married 18 years and share five children with my husband but he’s not aware that he’s only the father of three.
Now my demons start to haunt me. The biological father of my other two children is for a boyfriend I have been involved with throughout the whole journey of my marriage.At first, it was okay with him knowing I am a married woman and we were only having a secret affair which turned out to be more than we planned for.

Now the problem is the boyfriend, who is also the father of two of my children is now threatening to expose the truth to my husband if I don’t leave my husband and come and be with him full time as he claims he’s tired of playing on the side.

I know I have been wrong the whole time. I don’t know how to face my husband and family with the truth. I need some advise.

Confused.  JAMAICA.

Dear Confused: I must say your story is very disturbing and presumptuous.
There is very little I can say here at the moment.

But what I do advise is that you try reasoning with your husband by telling him the truth and in doing so, be prepared for anything while hoping for the best. 
I also advise that you bring an end to the relationship with this boyfriend of yours and If possible put him on child support. 
And if your husband takes the situation calmly I suggest you try your best to mend things with your husband while you ask for his forgiveness.

Good luck.

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