Dear Editor- Why Special Privileges to Mobay Pride?

Dear Editor Why Special Privileges to Mobay Pride?- I am informed that the JCF and JDF provided men and women in numbers to facilitate the public march by members of Montego Bay Pride on Sunday October 20, 2019 along Kent Avenue, Montego Bay.
The fact that the organizers of Montego Bay Pride thought it necessary to request security and the JCF agreed, confirms the high risk factor involved in the staging of events by that group.
This risk is a factor that any property owner or manager must take into account whilst considering any application by Montego Bay Pride to use it’s property or space.
As a taxpayers and residents of Montego Bay we are demanding that the St James Municipal Corporation take that factor into account in considering any application for use of it’s facility. The higher the risk, the greater the consideration and requirements. That consideration may result in rejection of the application.
Security Bias
We also note that whilst the JCF and JDF were considerate in providing sufficient numbers of police and soldiers for the Pride walk, which is commendable, why do the same JCF and JDF not provide similar security to local promotors who wish to have local artists perform at their events? Instead the JCF and JDF unilaterally and without regard effectively place a ban on said local artists performing in St James on the basis that there is a risk element in the artist performing in St James.
This action appears to suppress freedom of speech, and the right to the artist earning legitimate income.
Is there a bias towards the Pride and against local artist? Please tell us Superintendent and Commissioner of Police.
St. James Central Women’s Movement

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