Dear Editor: Setting Basil Waite Straight

There are absolutely no words to describe how I felt when I heard this ugly utterance from Mr. Waite, the Deputy General Secretary of the PNP, at a time like this, when we are celebrating our Emancipation and Independence, calling Jamaicans “NASTY NAIGA/NIGGA”. I was completely flabbergasted, dismayed, disappointed and most disgusted that a person holding such office in the PNP and someone who is also seeking representation at a higher level, would describe hardworking and honest Jamaicans as such.

This is one of the most derogatory, degrading and offensive words used to describe black people which has been widely condemned as unacceptable and offensive. Why then, should any Politician, be allowed to call our brothers and sisters,  the very ones we are purporting to represent, such names? I have the highest respect for all Jamaicans, including all members of the PNP, the JLP, and no P’s.

Members of the PNP and myself enjoy an impeccable relationship and I will not allow any individual to bring such relationships into disrepute, I will not allow myself to be drawn into any “GUTTER POLITICS ” as such utterances like this, if flamed, has the potential to do. Remarks like these, must be heavily criticized and strongly condemned, whether stated in the privacy of their bedrooms or on political platforms, as such, I’m calling on all well-thinking Jamaicans, both from the PNP and the JLP to join with me, in condemning such potentially divisive utterances from Mr. Basil Waite.

As a people, we have one of the strongest democracy in the world, and the last time I checked, Jamaicans have the right to affiliate themselves with the party that they think best, represents their interests. Therefore, no individual, group or otherwise should be ostracized or condemned in any way for exercising that right. And, given our current crime situation, now more than ever, as leaders, we should be promoting peace and love rather than hate.

Mr. Basil Waite’s misguided and unfortunate utterances speaks volume to the disrespectful way he intends to treat those who do not support him in NE St Elizabeth, should he be successful in his political ambitions.  The good book reminds us in Mathew 12:34 “OUT OF THE ABUNDANCE OF THE HEART THE MOUTH SPEAKS”, to him, all they will be is,,, NASTY NAIGA/NIGGA!!!

The descent law-abiding citizens of NE St.Elizabeth will not stand for this type of politics, we are above that! As the MP Caretaker for the JLP, NE St Elizabeth, I am calling on Mr. Basil Waite, the standard-bearer for the PNP, to retract that UNFORTUNATE and UGLY statement and issue a public apology, in particular, to the descent, hardworking and independent people of St Elizabeth North East and all Jamaicans in general.

Delroy Gary Slowley 
MP C/taker NE St Elizabeth
[email protected]

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