Crime story: Ryan Peterkin Mobay top Gunman

Crime Story: Ryan Peterkin Mobay Top Gunman

Crime Story: Gang violence and gang affiliation have always been at the peak of our local Jamaican crime scene. Montego Bay has seen its fair share of gang leaders and destructive gang behaviour. Today we take a look at one of the individuals, who was said to be a ring leader and created a life of havoc in the second city.

His name is Ryan Peterkin aka “Ratty”. The founder of the infamous “Ratty Gang”. He has been involved in several crimes across the parish of St. James and in the second city. His downpour of terror reigned on communities, along with being involved in several murders, his immediate family feared for their lives. It was said they wanted him dead as well.
The Ratty Gang took to the streets of Montego Bay committing crimes ranging from arm robbery, burglary, extortion, and murder. Absolutely no one was safe around him, the gang or the surrounding communities that they plagued.
Crime story: Ryan Peterkin Mobay top Gunman
Ryan Peterkin Mobay top Gunman
With the rise in crime and lottery scamming being at the forefront. It was said that all illicit funds from the scamming was used to purchase firearms and any piece of artillery they could buy. There has been several reports of the gang shooting their way out hideouts, and also out-powering the JCF with artillery. Which led several to believe the gang was unstoppable.
Like most gangs, power and authority never sit well with everyone. With that being said, internal arguments started and the Ratty Gang was about to become splinter gangs. One formed by member Delano Wilmot aka “Prekeh”. Who swore to kill Ratty and all involved in the gang. He took on a menacing and unforgiving tirade on the Perkins family by killing members of the family weekly. Ratty himself began killing his own family members who were considered “informers”.
preckeh bwoy
preckeh bwoy
This led to an all-out war between rival gangs which saw the brutal murder of Anmarie Johnson, 44 and her daughter Shantoy McKenzie, 24, both of Mother Lane in the same community. It was said both mother and daughter began to complain about the gang stealing and taking their chickens and ground provisions and having a party with their hard-earned work.
Ryan “Ratty” Peterkin’s reign of terror ended during a shoot out with JDF and the police force on April 14, 2018.

The security team went to a house in Berkshire district in search of Peterkin, upon arrival they encountered shots fired from Peterkin and his accomplice in an attempt to escape capture. They were both hit in the shootout and pronounced dead at the Savanna-la-Mar Hospital in Westmoreland.

Family members rejoice secretly because they feared they would be killed, however, they were glad that their family name could be restored with dignity.

Ryan Peterkin’s funeral was all chaos and it was said that the police arrested almost all the men in the church, after the service ended. It was also made known that the females had to carry the casket.

'RATTY' Funeral
‘RATTY’ Funeral

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