Crime: Police and Gunmen Trade Bullets in Norwood

Crime: Police and Gunmen Trade Bullets in Norwood

Jamaica Crime News [ Mckoy’s News ] Police and Gunmen Trade Bullets in Norwood – A heated gun battle between members of the security forces and armed men in Norwood, St James, on New Year’s Day, resulted in the seizure of an illegal firearm and two motor vehicles. Two men were also taken into custody.

The identities of the men are being withheld pending further investigations.

Reports by the police are that about 12:30 a.m., members of a joint military team were on operation at a section of Seaview and Church Lane in Norwood, when they came upon five men armed with rifles and handguns.

On seeing the security team, the men opened fire and ran into nearby bushes. The fire was returned by the police who gave chase.

On reaching a section of the bushes the lawmen again came under heavy gunfire, and the fire was again returned resulting in the gunmen fleeing the scene leaving behind a .45 Taurus pistol.

The lawmen carried out a search of the surroundings resulting in the two men being taken into custody, and also two motor vehicle which was seen abandoned at the scene was also impounded.


Antonio Mckoy  – News Reporter

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