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Cricket West Indies could be among the biggest beneficiaries in ICC’s remodel financial plan

Pending the final outcome of the International Cricket Council’s (ICC) revised financial model, Cricket West Indies could be among the biggest beneficiaries in the near future.

The new model floated by ICC chief Shashank Manohar and already voted on by the ICC Board members at a recent meeting would see the West Indies and other member nations like Pakistan, Sri Lanka, South Africa and New Zealand receiving a figure between approximately $us100million and us115 million dollars.

However, the move was vehemently opposed by the board of cricket control in India (BCCI), who will turn out to be the biggest losers in the affair, despite still earning the most, but the restructured revenue share would see the BCCI’S share fall from 22.9% to somewhere around 10 to 10.2%.  The decrease could represent losses of around us$180-us$190 million.

In the meantime, the ICC is expected to pass the resolution during its April board meeting.

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