Creating Criminals of the Everyday Man

Socrates at Large – Creating CriminalsAm about to say some things for which I know many people on their high horses who don’t think will attack me. UNNU know say me no care already. So attack away.

This world, this COUNTRY,  Our society is full of hypocrisy, blindness, and people who, having attained “their comfort zone” cannot see the struggling man’s position. So they set about condemning the everyday man for his mistakes.  They become part of the SYSTEM that isolates the everyday man who many times because of circumstances beyond “HIS ABILITY” To control goes from one mistake to another mistake and sooner or later a CRIMINAL MISTAKE. Why? Society doesn’t offer him a simple way back. If it’s a case of criminality he must wait 5 years to get a pardon to clear that “record “and be EMPLOYABLE again.

The problem here is society forgets that a mistake is a mistake and has no class status but it is harder for the everyday man to recover from his mistakes.

It was a mistake that cost us one of the greatest political minds of our time. Bruce Golding.  Don’t be surprised that I as a PNP supporter wrote that. It’s the truth. And I take pride in accepting the truth no matter it’s political colour. There isn’t a political mind in Gordon House at present to match that of Bruce Golding. But the mistake he made put him in the same boat as the man Labeled as Criminal. He became an outcast. Struggling to be accepted or heard again. The difference is Bruce Golding is privileged and has options. The everyday man doesn’t.  Fact.

When a man who has either fallen on hard times or made a mistake that puts him in conflict with The law seeks to recover and rebuild his or her life in Jamaica, what are his or her options? Well, I can tell you that his first hurdle is that criminal record. That record that will stigmatize him as Criminal no matter how hard he tries. Society celebrates your demise but offers no help in getting you back on track. When this man goes to apply for a job and is asked if he has a criminal record, then passed over from getting that job because he has a criminal record,  What is he to do then? When this same man has made a mistake and becomes unemployable goes to apply for a Taxi license or to regularize his car called a robot but is denied because of that record, what is he to do? Where Is the system in place to immediately help this man to find his way back to being a productive member of society. Many of our young people who are stigmatized and marginalised don’t CHOOSE a life of crime? They are forced into it because of their situation.  Doors are closed to them because they either don’t have the education or made a mistake.  They soon realize that society is not that forgiving so they develop a desperate and no care attitude. In short by virtue of the way we see and treat people we create criminals. There isn’t a single human being on the face of this earth who never made a mistake. Including the Pope, the Queen, all the Presidents and Prime Ministers around the world and your friendly neighbourhood pastor.

We are trying to combat and fight crime AFTER ITS COMMITTED! We don’t accommodate mistakes. We don’t rehabilitate mistakes. We don’t forgive mistakes. When we isolate a first or even a second-time offender and make him or her unemployable the gun becomes an option. Your property becomes an option. It’s is not with intent most times it’s by virtue of not having an option. Fact. Consecutive governments have no crime solution. In fact, they have all INCREASE THE CRIMINAL POOL. Adding more and more people to the system. You may all disagree but in your heart’s you know it’s true.

An illegal taxi Vernon Derby is so because the man runs into obstacles to get himself regularize.  How must he live if that is the only option available to him? An illegal taxi is no different from the barber cutting hair without a license or the hairdresser,  the corner shop, the bar, or the countless Vendors all over the country trying to earn a living without a license.

Bad apples are in EVERY ASPECT OF OUR SOCIETY. They Teach,  They are in the banks. They are in the churches. They are police and soldiers. They are in all our businesses.  They are parents and THEY ARE ON RADIO AND TV POSING AS JOURNALISTS SIR!  And before you go say I am speaking this way because I have robot taxi. I don’t.  Would never. But I know many and when I ask them why they recite the many obstacles. So some of you need to come off your high horses and see and feel what the everyday Joe feels every day. He is not always that way by choice. But sometimes he is a victim of your unforgiving nature. Cuss and criticize now.I welcome it…


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Contributed by: Socrates at Large

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