Corporate Jamaica Encouraged to Have Workers Trained in Sign Language

Jamaica News: The Jamaica Association for the Deaf is encouraging corporate Jamaica to have workers trained in sign language, in light of members of the deaf community experiencing difficulties when conducting transactions.

“If your organisation is providing a service to the public, we are encouraging you to learn sign language. Begin to help break down the discriminatory assumptions persons may have (about the deaf) by engaging with us to make your organisation deaf-friendly,” Executive Director of the Association, Kimberley Sherlock Marriott-Blake, said at a JIS ‘Think Tank’ recently.

Mrs. Sherlock Marriott-Blake said the Association offers sign language training to corporate entities at a cost, and interested entities may contact them.

She highlighted that sign language can be just as valuable to any organisation as a foreign language and should be perceived as such by entities.

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“We believe in the need for us to have more persons who can communicate with and provide services for the deaf community. The deaf community is approximately 70,000 persons across the island, and we are talking about persons of different ages who will require different services,” Mrs. Sherlock Marriott-Blake pointed out.

She is also encouraging persons to volunteer with the Association.

“Give of your time. If you can teach a deaf person life or entrepreneurial skills, we would love to partner with you, because there are so many skills we would like to teach our students,” Mrs. Sherlock Marriott-Blake said.

Interested volunteers may email the Association at [email protected]


Source: JIS News

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