JISCO Alpart

Dust from JISCO Alpart Mining Company Affecting Residents in Nain St Elizabeth

JISCO Alpart is a Mining Company in Nain Saint Elizabeth.

For years the residents of Warminster, Brunswick and Northampton have been suffering from the dust nuisance which blows from the mining company and affects their homes, vehicles and trees.

Farmers usually suffered the most as the dust damage their sweet Peppers, pumpkins, callaloo and peanuts.

Whenever the dust blows, the mining company sends representatives to the area to do testing, if the dust is heavy the residents get seven thousand five hundred dollars per house, if the dust is light they get nothing.

The residents have mounted several demonstrations as the compensation they receive amounts to nothing. They are calling on the Minister of Mining and Energy Hon Robert Montague to intervene so they can be better compensated and have a clean environment.

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