Convicted Robber Fatally Shot by Licensed Firearm Holder in Mandeville  

Jamaica Crime News, Mandeville: A man who the Mandeville police say is a habitual house breaker and convicted robber was fatally shot by a licensed firearm holder, during a million dollar robbery at a premises in Mandeville on Saturday, April 21.

The deceased robber who was reportedly among three other armed robbers has been identified as, Andrew Bell, about 58 years old also of the parish.

Reports by the police are that shortly after 8:00 p.m. on Saturday, the licensed firearm holder was alerted to his home when an alarm was triggered at the premises located off Decarete Road.

The businessman rushed to his home and was ambushed by four armed robbers who opened fire at him.  He returned the fire and a heated gun battle ensued. During the shooting, one of the men was shot and the three other armed robbers ran from the premises and escaped in a waiting motor car.

The Mandeville police were summoned and upon arrival, they discovered that the gunman was shot by the businessman. The investigators also pointed out that a crowbar and other metal instruments used to cut away sections of a grill and a window to the house were recovered at the scene.

It is also understood that cash allegedly amounting to over one million dollars, and other valuables allegedly estimated at several million dollars, were stolen by the robbers who managed to escape.

The police pointed out that Bell has been convicted of robbery in the past and also charged with receiving stolen goods.

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