Confession: The Night My Cousin and I Started Having Sex

My cousin and I started having sex after we watched porn one night and now it is a constant thing. We are two first cousins, our mothers are sisters. I live in the city alone and she recently got a job here and asked if she could stay with me since it’s closer to work and would cost less for transportation.  One evening I was watching porn on my computer and she walked in. I tried to hide it from her but she saw and said it was okay, she didn’t mind watching it too. She sat next to me and we ended watching a lot of porn together that night. We ended up snuggled together on the couch, kissing fondling, and eventually had sex. We’ve been having sex almost every evening since then, and occasionally in the mornings. This is a secret we have to keep to ourselves because we can’t make our mothers find out. Around them, we pretend to be normal cousins, but I’m falling in love with her and I know they will be disappointed if they find out we are sleeping together.



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