Confession: Lost My Best Friend By Trying to Steal Her Husband

I know I am going to be judged but he without sin cast the first stone and all sins are still sins; we all have skeletons in our closets.  My best friend and I have been coming from our childhood days and now we are in our late 30s.  We have a bond so tight and we share everything with each other. She grew up with her mother, father and siblings while I grew up with my grandmother; my mother left to go overseas and I don’t know my father.  Her parents would always ensure that me and my grandmother are ok.  They would help us financially and even emotionally sometimes.

I am tall with big bottom, small waist and double d breasts.  I wear lots of weave because my hair is very coarse and makeup to hide my pimple problems on my face.  My best friend on the other hand, has the most beautiful face, complexion, and personality but she has no bottom and tiny breasts.  Regardless of this, people are always attracted to her personality.  Due to this, I would silently hold grudges because she would get lots of attention; people always thought I was too full of myself.

Growing up in our college years, men would want to wine and dine her while they would only want me for sexual activities. The grudge got worse as I would sometimes start rumors on her just for people to jeer her and I would console her.  That girl showed me so much love because she would always ensure to share whatever she had with me; nothing was too good for her to give me.  We wore each other’s clothes, slept in the same bed and she would assist me in my weak areas in college.  While I would be out there flaunting my shape, she would be studying hard and sometimes doing my assignments.  Thank God for her because she helped me all four years of college.

Upon leaving college, she got a very well-paying job at a corporate company but I was still to land one.  She would encourage me through this time and help me to send out resumes.   I got called for three interviews but I did not handle them well.  I was hoping there were men there so I could flaunt my body and get the jobs but they were female interviewers.  I got a job shortly afterward doing Marketing for an entertainment company; this was fun for me because of the attention and people I get to interact with.  The pay was decent but men would give me big bucks just because I am sexy.

There was a big formal launch for an event and I invited my bestie to come along.  At first, she was indecisive because she never liked the limelight but we went shopping and got our hair and makeup done.  The make-up artist kept complimenting her beauty; she looked like a goddess when she was finished.  I just wanted to splash some mud on her pretty face.  I wore a tight-fitted dress that accentuated my curves while she wore a flair dress.  I looked like an instagram model while she looked like a pretty good girl.  We went to the event and she sat in a far corner while I was busy working the floor.  I was having the time of my life getting attention from the men.  I saw this one particular guy who I found very attractive but he wasn’t giving me the time of day.  I further learned that he was very wealthy so I walked over to him trying to build a conversation.  He showed no interest but I realized that he was looking at my bestie.  I just smiled because I just knew he was wondering what that plain-looking girl was doing there.  Anyways I went on having fun until we left.

Couple months after that, my bestie started going out on dates; when I asked her who the lucky person was, she would say it was nothing serious.  I never thought anything of it so I just left it alone until one night I ran into Mr. Nice Guy from the launch.  I tried to talk to him again but he said he was in a hurry to go pick up his date.  Upon reaching my apartment, I saw a very expensive ride parked in my space and when I tooted my horn, he was the one who stepped out.  He apologized for parking there then I saw my bestie coming out to him.  I had to hold on to my shock and fight hard to hold the tears.  He was the one she was going on dates with, how could that even be possible?  She introduced me as her bestie and was saying all the nice things but I was feeling sick with jealousy.  I developed a serious grudge after this and had to find a reason to move out.  The man treated her like a queen and I couldn’t bare it.  She took something that belonged to me; I was the one who wanted him and she ended up taking him.  She told me how they met at the launch and that they had been having conversations afterward but she didn’t take it seriously, as she thought with his charm and assets,  he wouldn’t want to be involved with her who was still a virgin.

I started telling her negative stuff about men his type but it wasn’t working; whatever I said negative, he would show her the opposite.  They became exclusive after about 8 months and that destroyed my mental because they were serious.  He bought her an SUV which she didn’t want to take.  I encouraged her not to do it because sometimes these men have ulterior motives.  He however delivered it to her workplace with bows on it.  When she sent me the pic, I got really sick.  I wished it was me; the man did not get sex but was doing so much for her.  The thing is I was the first person she picked up in the van and she was so happy.

On their first year anniversary of being exclusive, they went to a small island where she gave him her virginity and she got pregnant there and then.  It was like she was royalty the way he treated her throughout the pregnancy.  He moved her into his home and I was happy because I could get access to him.  The house was like one from a magazine; it was amazingly beautiful.   I would dress skimpily going there for him to see me but he wouldn’t even turn a blind eye; he would just be all over her.  One night, I was there sleeping over and I deliberately walked into the kitchen naked when I heard him in there, he told me he knows what I am trying but it will never work and laughed at me.  I was so ashamed and embarrassed.

Upon the birth of their daughter, he proposed to her and demanded that she resigned her job and be a housewife.  Why was she living so good and I couldn’t find a man for myself; I had to be dating mostly married men.  They got married a year later in a beautiful ceremony at a private villa; my bestie looked absolutely adorable and of course I was the maid of honor.  I shed tears during the ceremony because I was jealous.  I looked at her husband-to-be and was repeating the vows in my head.  He wrote her a personalized vow and when my God-daughter started fussing, he went for her.  I just said to myself, that was destined to be my family until she stole it from me.

I went to an obeah woman in St. Mary and told her I want them separated.  She said to me that I am a very wicked friend but she is going to give me something to use to make him only see me.  From I started using the things, it is like no man looked my way again and things started going downhill.  I lost my job and my sugar daddies.  Seems the Witch placed a spell on me.  I went by my bestie’s home and literally went after her husband naked and all.  I never knew she had them hands, she beat me to sickness.  I cried and told her how she stole my man from me and both of them just laughed at me.  Her husband told me to disappear and not be seen by any of them ever again.

I lost everything trying to be with a man who never even acknowledged my presence.  It seems like the spell is still on me because I cannot get another good job; I am a waitress at a restaurant and struggling to make ends meet.  The little shape I had is now being covered with flaps.  I miss my bestie so much.


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  1. Jaedera Petrucci

    I’m so glad their marriage worked out despite your manipulative BS. This is why integrity and principal matters.

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