Confession: 23 and Dating a 60-year-old Married Man

Confession: Dating a 60-year-old Married Man – I am 23 years old and I am dating a married man who is 60. We have been together for nine months. He pays my bills and gives me money to take care of myself because I don’t work. I am having a huge problem with him because he can’t maintain an erection. It wasn’t a problem before because I had a guy from the area that used to come over to my house on a regular basis to spend time with me. But now he has befriended a man who lives next door so I can’t risk him finding out I have another man coming to the house.

He monitors my every move. If I even have to get groceries he sends his driver for me. I can’t get breathing space and I feel so miserable when I can’t get fully serviced. Even though he is taking care of me, my life is so unhappy. I want to keep getting the money but I also want some good sex. I have been talking to a few guys on a dating app but just can’t seem to get the time to meet up with them. I feel trapped, this is not how I thought my life would be. 

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