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Caymanas Golf & Country Club, sold to private company.

St. Catherine, Jamaica (McN) – The Caymanas golf & Country Club, which was owned and operated by the Urban Development Corporation (UDC), have now been divested to a group of investors. Sources said the staff, few of whom have worked with the old golf club for some 17 years, were made aware of this only recently.
Staff will be given their redundancy pay, according to a source.
On April 1, will be the official date for the new owners to commence operation.


 The Caymanas Golf & Country Club
The Caymanas Golf & Country Club
The property which stretches as far as 6 mile area in St. Catherine to Kingston, a total of 10,000
acres, was acquired by Caymanas Acquisition Limited.


 The Caymanas golf & Country Club
The Caymanas Golf & Country Club
Caymanas Acquisition Limited was established in August of 2016, which includes members of the
said Caymanas Golf & Country Club.

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