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Two St Elizabeth Men Burnt Alive in Fatal Westmoreland Crash!


Westmoreland, Jamaica (McKoy’s News)Two St Elizabeth Men Burnt Alive: Two men were burnt to death following a fatal crash in the parish of Westmoreland on Tuesday morning, March 28.

The victims have been identified as Romain Ashmin, 23-year-old of Content in St Elizabeth and Albert Donaldson 36-years-old of Nain District also in the parish of St Elizabeth.

Reports are that about 12:30 am., on Tuesday both men were travelling in an International Truck driven by Donaldson.

On reaching a section of the Cave main road the driver lost control of the truck, hitting a motorcar which was
travelling in the opposite direction, before overturning and caught ablaze.

Both the driver and the passenger got trapped inside the truck and were burnt to death.

The Sav la Mar fire department and police department were summoned. Upon arrival, the firemen carried out cooling down operation and managed to remove the charred bodies of the men from the wreckage.

Both victims were pronounced dead at hospital and their bodies transferred to the morgue.

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