Carlos Hill Walks Free

Cash Plus Boss Carlos Hill Walks Free

Kingston, Jamaica (McKoy’s News) – Cash Plus Boss Carlos Hill Walks Free: The Judge has ordered the jurors to return a verdict of not guilty in the long-running fraud case of Carlos Hill; the boss of Cash Plus.  He is now a free man.
Prosecutor Addley Duncan moments ago, told Justice Chester Stamp that the prosecution was offering no evidence against Mr. Hill at which at that time, the Judge ordered a not guilty verdict.
The Cash Plus Investment Scheme collapsed in 2008 of which thousands of people were affected; most of whom had forwarded statements to the Courts.  However, Mr. Duncan said only one person who provided a statement showed up at Court today May 24, 2017).  The prosecution would be hard-pressed to prove fraud against Hill because persons from within the organization would have been needed to testify but no one was willing to come forward.
Over 40,000 investors placed trust in Cash Plus and handed over $10 billion dollars to the entity, which collapsed in 2008.  Mr. Hill was then charged with inducing persons fraudulently to invest in his company.
                                                                   Contributed by Dr. Colin O Jarrett

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