Butler No Longer Interested In JFF Position

Jamaica (McKoy’s News)- Butler No Longer Interested In JFF Position: The controversial Phoenix All-Stars Academy CEO and founder Craig Butler says he is no longer interested in a position with the local football governing body, the Jamaica Football Federation (JFF). The reason is that he and his sons are being maligned by members of the Jamaica Football Federation.


Butler had previously signalled his “run” for the JFF presidency before later indicating his intention for the Director of Football post.


But now with the recent controversy involving his son Leon Bailey not being called up for the recent friendly international against Saudi Arabia, Butler says his interest in the JFF and his sons representing Jamaica could be a thing of the past.


“To be honest with you, I don’t think any of us are still interested; until things change, I don’t think Leon is interested anymore; I don’t think Kyle is interested, we are very hurt because we are people of honour. When we give our word, we keep it; we supported Mike Ricketts”.


Contributed by: Nichola Panton

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