Business Operators in Montego Bay Tourist Sector Calls for more Investors

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Jamaica News, March 24, 2018 – Montego Bay Tourist Sector Calls for more Investors

Montego Bay, Jamaica (McKoy’s News) – Several business operators residing within the tourist capital of Montego Bay now propose to investors the safety of the city as well as the possible capabilities of transacting business operations.

O. D., J. P. and Managing Director of the Blue Diamond Shopping Mall and the Miss Global Beauty Pageant Lachu Ramchadani, told our news team that the City of Montego Bay is pretty much safe.  According to Mr. Ramchadani, “when one looks at the crime issue here compared to that of other Caribbean countries; Jamaica is in a much better position.”

He further postulates that Jamaica, specifically St. James is a safe place, but within recent years, the media has capitalized upon every small incident in order to procure an exaggerated message.

“Due to our very small but dense population it would appear that Jamaica is in a very bad state, but in reality we are way ahead of most countries and we are doing quite well,” says Mr. Ramchadani.

Additionally he mentioned that the tourist sector in Montego Bay have embraced the upcoming soon to be opened, Usain Bolt Tracks and Records Entertainment Lounge.  “this is a very bold step and a business of this nature being opened under the patronage of the fastest man in the world will create a more positive impact in the second city,” he said

Mr. Ramchadani who is famous throughout the tourist industry as a business tycoon stated that “one has to be very careful how he points fingers because every country has crimes.”                                                               

Montego Bay Tourist Sector Calls for more Investors: Several of the business operators say they believe that now is the opportune time to make a stand and take back the city.  They stated that their concerns have risen from the 335 murders which were recorded in the previous year and as well as the State of Emergency which has now been imposed on the parish.

They delineate that Montego Bay is now very safe for investors as most crimes in the parish are gang related which does not impede upon the influence of the tourist sector.

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