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Buck Toe Lane Gunshot Victim Succumbs to Injury at Hospital

St James, Jamaica (Mckoy’s News) – A Salt Spring man who was shot and injured by gunmen at a section in the Salt Spring community, known as Buck Toe Lane on Monday morning, May 29, succumbed to injuries at the Cornwall Regional Hospital on Friday afternoon.

The victim as been identified has Adrian Hylton, otherwise called “Ackieme,” 25-year-old unemployed of Buck Toe Lane in Salt Spring.

Reports are that, about 11:30 am on Monday Hylton went to a cook shop in his community to purchase food.

He was walking back from the cook shop along a dirt road when he was attacked by unknown assailants who shot him several times and left him for dead.

Residents in the area heard the gunshots and rushed to the location where they stumbled upon the wounded man and transported him to the Cornwall Regional Hospital where he was admitted in critical condition.

Hylton died after spending five days in intensive care.

The Montego Hills police are investigating.

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