Britian M.P. Says Jamaican Government’s Action is a Disgrace

Kingston, Jamaica (McN) – In January, 2017, Jamaican government, and P.M. Hon. Andrew Holness turned down an offer to build a modern prison in Jamaica, to the tuned of £25-million, offered by the UK, to aid in the construction.

The prisoner transfer operation between the UK and Jamaica would reportedly save UK taxpayers about £10 million each year.

The Holness administration in rejection of prison deal, stated to Foreign Affairs Minister Kamina Johnson Smith, “the terms of the offer was not beneficial to Jamaica.”

This rejection comes after the new prison deal was brokered in 2015, by then Jamaican government, People’s National Party and, then Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, David Cameron.

Then Prime Minister Cameron stated why the new prison was necessary,

“It is absolutely right that foreign criminals who break our laws are properly punished but this shouldn’t be at the expense of the hardworking British taxpayer.” insisted Cameron.

Now a British Member of Parliament has tantrum about what he thinks about Jamaica’s decision to reject the offer.

Britain M.P. Philip Hollobone Says Jamaican Government’s Action is a Disgrace

Britian M.P. Philip Hollobone Says Jamaican Government's Action is a Disgrace
Philip Hollobone


British MP Philip Hollobone said:  

“The reaction from the Jamaican government is a complete disgrace. Their Ambassador should be called in and urgent arrangements should be made or some other solution to deport convicted Jamaican nationals who are taking prison places in our own jails.If they won’t accept them we should send the Jamaican government a bill for their annual incarceration.”

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