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16-Year-Old Hanover Student Killed By Boyfiend’s Ex Was a Leader

Hanover, Jamaica (McN) – Murdered 16-year-old Hanover Student of Merlene Ottey High School was reportedly a leader in her community and at school.

Condolences pour in to Merlene Ottey High School, as students and teachers try to wake up from the nightmare that takes on the reality that a member of the school population will never be coming back.

Shaneikey Brown otherwise called “Ribbon” of a New Hill address in Lucea was killed on Sunday night.

Brown, 11 grade business major, was an active and promising student, her teachers and principal say they expected success from her in her examination results, which she was preparing for. She spent years as member of the female football team.

Teachers speak of her polite mannerism, and other students looked up to her.

The victim was reported stabbed to death by another 16-year-old student, who attends the Ruseas High School, also in Hanover. Allegedly Brown was murdered during an altercation with the other girl, who is the ex-girlfriend of Brown’s boyfriend.

Reports are Brown, 16 was attending a birthday party in Jew Hill, Hanover when she was killed, on Sunday.

The party was reportedly put on by the alleged 21 year-old boyfriend of the victim. Brown reportedly got into an altercation with a 16-year-old female, who is an alleged ex girlfriend of the party host.

The other student who reportedly attends Ruseas High School also in Hanover, left the party and reportedly went to her nearby home, grabbed a knife and returned to the party; where she stabbed Brown three times in the neck and shoulder.

Shaneikey Brown succumbed to her injuries dying at the hospital.


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