Britain 16-year-old girl

Britain 16-year-old girl died after fall from €8,500,000 yacht

Portland, Jamaica (McN) — Reportedly a Britain 16-year-old girl fell from a luxury yacht to her death on Tuesday afternoon, at the Errol Flynn Marina in Port-Antonio, Portland.

Report are that, at about 2:30 pm on Tuesday, the 16-year-old girl was cleaning the mast of a United Kingdom Germania Nova luxury yacht, that was docked at the Errol Flynn Marina in Portland, when the ropes loosened and she fell unto the deck of the yacht and was severely injured.

Dead is 16-year-old Bethany Smith of British nationality.

She was rushed to the Port Antonio Hospital after the fall from the yacht, where she underwent treatment for her multiple injuries.

Bethany Smith reportedly died while receiving treatment at the hospital.

Portland police who are investigating, told reporters that they would not disclose further information about the accident or the UK teen.

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