BREAKING: Massive Fire At Montego Bay Airport Saturday Night

Montego Bay, St James (Mckoy’s News)Massive Fire At Montego Bay Airport: A large fire at the commercial parking lot of  the Sangster International Airport in Montego Bay, caused scare among airport personnel who were in the vicinity.


Some minutes after 7 pm on Saturday May 20, a large fire erupted at the Montego Bay airport, destroying sections of the Knutsford Express bus company, causing millions of dollars in damages.


When the Mckoy’s News team visited the location of the fire, we saw two fire trucks carrying out cooling down operations. Manager for  Knutsford Express. Mr. Oliver Townsend was lost for words, and referred our media to return at a later date for any inquiries.


 Fire At Montego Bay Airport
(Alan Lewin Photo) Fire at Montego Bay, Sangster International Airport on Saturday May 20, Fire Truck after Putting Out Fire. Mckoys News 
Up to press time the origin of the fire was  unknown, and fire investigators were busy on the scene trying to determine what caused the fire which did extensive damages to the structure of the bus company and its contents.


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