Bounty Killa & Ninjaman Gives Heads of Security the Solution

Kingston, Jamaica (McN) – Earlier this week, in an interactive platform, heads of security forces met to discuss the level of crime plaguing the county.

At that meeting were also the legendary dance hall deejays, Ninja Man (Desmond Ballentine)  and Bounty Killa (Rodney Pryce). The two deejays who are known to have open dance hall feuds, put all that behind them – and are now in solidarity of peace for Jamaica.

Bounty Killa (Rodney Pryce)

Price brought light to meeting with arguments that the mother of crime is poverty. His main solution is that Jamaican people need to start caring for the youths as a community. He stated:

“The mother and the parent of crime is poverty. And until the Government starts to battle poverty the right way we are always going to be locking up criminals…Taking criminals off the street is a good thing, but there are things in society that lead and motivate others to go on the street as well, and we have to defuse those.”

“Let’s start making the village raise the child again. Last year was a gruesome year with killings. The police, the soldiers, the security forces, they are playing their part; we as society have to play our part as well.”

Ninja Man (Desmond Ballentine)

Ballentine’s concern was that the Police officers were underpaid, which affects their independence, life conditions and performance.

He declared:

“The first step in getting rid of crime is to make your police more independent. Unnu need fi set up something where the police become more independent. …If mi nuh have nuh Benz, mi nuh live nuh weh, and mi can par with a man weh make mi can hype, mi a go live my life, because mi naah get up every day with gun pon my hip a run down thief and mi naah get pay,” he declared.

National Security Minister Sends Message to criminals that he’s connected to Obeah by family

Minster of National Security – Hon. Robert Montague

At that same meeting National Security Minister Robert Montague said :

“Unnu goin’ run weh because we goin’ to pursue unnu. This minister no fraid a unnu, my uncle is a obeah man.”

Some are saying that the minster was breaking the ice at this very serious meeting, using what is known among the Police, that the criminals are turning to Obeah for spiritual protection from law enforcement.

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