Renown St Elizabeth Gangster Brothers Killed by Other Gunmen

St. Elizabeth, Jamaica (Mckoy’s News ) –  St Elizabeth Gangster Brothers: two men who are well known to the St. Elizabeth Police as dangerous gangsters, causing mayhem in the parish, were shot and killed by gunmen before daylight on Thursday morning.

Reports reaching Mckoy’s News are, that around 4 am on Thursday, January 19, 2017, heavily armed men struck the house of the two brothers, in the Retirement district of St. Elizabeth.

Victims Oshane Williams, 25 years-old and Sherman Williams, 23 years-old were both executed by the gunmen.

According to Police, the brothers are believed to be the younger sibling of alleged former gang leader Dwight Williams, who was killed last year.

The gang which reign terror on St. Elizabeth and other parishes is known for illegal gun trading, lottery scamming, and drug smuggling.


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