Baby Abandoned for KFC

Baby Abandoned for KFC

Port of Spain, Trinidad (Mckoy’s News)Baby Abandoned for KFC: A young mother abandoned her one-year-old daughter with a total stranger along the Brian Lara Promenade in Port of Spain, returning later with a box of Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC).

Police officers who were present with the child and the total stranger when the mother returned for her child, gave the young mother a stern warning for leaving her child with a complete stranger, to go and collect money and buy a box of Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC).

The mother in her defense, told the officers that she only left the young child, who sat in a stroller, “for a short while,” after she got a call to come and collect some money from the child’s father, whom she reported was, “right up the road.”

Baby Abandoned for KFC: The woman who the mother abruptly left the infant with, said she was on her way to pick up her own two daughters in Belmont, when a woman whom she did not know just told her to, “Watch meh chile…ah coming back now.” 

The stranger who was left with the baby, said police were called to the scene after another woman who happened to be passing by recognised the baby with a stranger and, quickly hailed police officers on mobile patrol.

Next, three policewomen and a policeman surrounded her and questioning her about the baby.

Shortly later, the child’s mother returned, holding a box of KFC in her hand.

“Ma’am, how could you leave your baby with a total stranger with what is taking place today,” asked one of the officers while pointing to the baby who sat in a stroller.

“I am sure you have heard about kidnapping and human trafficking and rape every day (yet) you left your daughter with somebody who you don’t know? You have to thank God that she is a good person,” one of the policewomen reprimanded the mother.

“Officer, it was a spur of the moment thing. I just ran up the road right there…it didn’t take me any time. I didn’t stay long,” responded the mother.  The police laid it out to the mother – telling her that she could be charged with child abandonment and willfully endangering  a child.

If what you say is true, you should have taken your baby with you. You do not leave children let alone babies who can’t even walk or talk good with strangers,” said the officer said.

The mother pleaded with the officers, admitting to making a mistake. The young mother apologised, telling the police that this was the first time she ever did anything like that. “I just got a call and had to hurry to collect the money. It was a mistake officer, it won’t happen again, she explained. “You better make sure this is the last time,” the officer continued to warn.

A Trinidad newspaper reported that after the police left, the mother turned to stranger and demanded that she tell her who called the police. When the woman explained to the mother that another woman recognised the baby but did not know who she was, flagged down the police officers. The mother, upset, said “But what she called the police for? That is any of she business.” 

Baby Abandoned for KFC

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