Authorities Failing to Take Actions Against Cop Who Breached Curfew Orders, and Discharge Firearm at Party

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Several residents living in Flamstead community in St James, are expressing concern over the Area One police command which they say has failed to take actions against a cop who breached the COVID-19 Curfew Orders, and allegedly discharged several rounds from his licensed firearm, while attending a dance being held in the community last week.

The residents said it has been the norm of the police to arrest and charge persons who breach the Act, and this officer who was off duty and at a party being held at 2:00 am, in the morning, is a clear breach of the Disaster Risk Management Act.

Reports are that, the police Constable allegedly fired dozens of illegal rounds from his licensed firearm, some of which he allegedly fired at a businessman while at a dance being held in Flamstead community.

It has also been reported that the Constable who is stationed at the Cambridge police station, has been reported to his superiors, and at the Independent Commission of Investigations, in the past for similar cases of misconduct.

Reports are that, the officer who resides in Maroon Town, St James, and recently transferred from the Freeport police station to the Cambridge Station, attended a party which was being held about 2:00 am, last Tuesday morning.

Further reports are that while at the venue, the off duty Constable was allegedly seen consuming a portion of liquor, and shortly after, he got involved in an argument with a bar operator from the area who was also attending the party.

It is further alleged that the cop pulled his licensed firearm and discharged a barrage of rounds in the air which sent patrons scampering for their lives, while the businessman jumped into his vehicle and sped away.

The officer gave chased after the businessman’s car and allegedly fired several shots at the moving vehicle, but he managed to escape unhurt, and later drove to the Freeport police station where he made a report.

Several patrons who attended the party said the Constable drove back to the party, and start firing more shots in the air, allegedly while in a drunken state, and later that morning he was seen leaving the venue.

The incident was confirmed by INDECOM which said that, the complainant visited its office and made a report against the police officer, and a team from the office visited the scene which was processed and a number of assorted spent casings recovered.

INDECOM further said, an order was issued against the officer for him to turn over his firearm at the Freeport police station which he did, and the weapon was seized and send off to the lab in Kingston for ballistic testing.

Recently we have seen where 41 persons were arrested for breaches of the Act after they were caught at an early morning party being held in the Corporate Area , and the residents are now pointing fingers at the St James police,  who they say have failed to take actions against one of their own, who clearly broke the law.

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