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Area One Police State Clause which Led to ZOSO not Reaping Success in Mount Salem

Montego Bay, Jamaica (McKoy’s News) – Area One Police: Several police officers in the Area One Division are now raising concerns regarding the Zone of Special Operations not being more effective in the community of Mount Salem.

One high ranking officer in particular who wish to remain unanimous told our news team that the Zone of Special Operations was an excellent approach on the part of the government. He further stated that an operation such as this should already have been reaping more success, but he points out that there are two major clauses which led to the Joint Military team being less successful in the Zone.

The police officer stated that based on investigations carried out, it was discovered that the day before the Zone of Special Operations was implemented, a certain influential individual conducted a meeting with men in Mount Salem who are considered by the police to be “community strong men”.

According to the officer, it was discovered that some of what was said at the meeting caused a number of individuals to move out of the area that same night. He also stated that several high-end vehicles, believed to be owned by scammers were seen being towed away by their private owners.

The officer further stated that the other clause is the fact that the major escape routes were not timely sealed off. The officer distinctly pointed out that several bushy tracks known to the Mount Salem Police and which leads from the Zone of Special Operations area to the neighboring community of Westgate Hills, were sealed off hours after the Operation took effect.

He pointed out that these routes may have been used as a refuge border where several of the criminals used to escape with illegal weapons and this has dampened the success of the search operations by the Joint Forces. Since the Zone of Special Operations took effect seven days ago, the security forces have reported the meagre discovery of few knives and one illegal firearm. Also, it was said the over a dozen men have been taken into custody but eleven of these men have been processed and released with only one still being held at the Freeport lockup.

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