Alleged Escort Site Owners Tells Court They’re “Virtual Assistants”

St Andew, Jamaica (McN) – Twin sisters appeared before the Kingston and St Andrew Parish Court on Monday to answer charges of allegedly operating a prostitution business their escort website.

28-year-old Allison and Mellison Nembhard, who appeared before Parish Judge Andrea Pettigrew Collins in the Kingston and St Andrew Parish Court, were offered bail of J$300,000 on the condition that they report to the Constant Spring Police Station every Monday.

The Nembhard twins are accused of operating a website which lures young girls into prostitution.

Reports are that on January 6, Police, following tips of prostitution at a location, went to a “Massage Parlor” at Highland Drive in St Andrew. There the Police met two young women, who they  interviewed.

The women allegedly indicated that they found out about the “Massage Parlor,” from a website which advertises jobs for escorts. The Police discovered that the escort business was ran by Allison, who lives at the location of the massage parlor and her sister Mellison, who lives at a Red Hills Road location.

Both sisters were arrested and charged.

They plead not guilty to the charge in Kingston and St Andrew Parish Court.

Their attorney presented arguments that his clients are employed as internet virtual assistants, who works on websites.

The twins next court appearance is scheduled for March 13.

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