82 Year old woman with Alzheimer burnt to death at her home

West Street, Kingston (McN) – The daughter of a 82 year old woman with Alzheimer rushed home from work to find that her mother had not escaped the inferno of the blaze that burnt down the building in which she lived in with her mother.

Residents and the daughter of the deceased are blaming the police and fire department for the death of the elderly woman – who they said prevented other residents from entering the burning building to remove her.

82-year-old Ellfreda Brown according to her daughter,  suffered from Alzheimer and came to live with her two year ago at the two story building at 7 to 11 West Street in downtown Kingston, so that her daughter could take care of her.

Reports from Superintendent Patrick Gooden of York Park Fire Station are, that the fire brigade received the call at 11:03 am and responded promptly however, they had difficulty accessing nearby fire water supply.

In conflict with the statement of angry residents, that say they could have rescued Brown, if the police did not prevent them; Gooden told the press that when the brigade arrived, the building was already engulfed and the elderly lady could not be rescued.

The deceased daughter Carlene Aird, accused the firemen of not listening to men of the community that wanted to go in and rescue Ellfreda Brown.

Aird uttered words of grief saying that she thought her mother would have die from illness, it was better if he had gotten sick and died, Aird lamented.

The Police have dismissed the community’s claim that members were ready to rescue Brown when the Police prevented them, telling them it was better one died than six. Instead Police state that there was no resident trying to rescue the woman, there were two groups of people, onlookers that were dismissed and people trying to retrieve their personal items, which they allowed.

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